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AriaproII 1981

AriaproII Guitars Catalog 1981

1981 issue catalog

PE series guitar PE-R80D, PE-R60

PE-1500, PE-1000, PE-800, PE-1000GC

RS-X80, RS-X70

RS-850, RS-750, RS-800/12. Unfortunately, from page 8 to 11 has been lost. SB-R60, CS-350, CS-400, CSB-380, CSB-450

TS-600, TS-500, TS-400

TSB-650, TSB-550

SH-1000, SH-800, U100 (Ryudo Uzaki model)

accessories. "PE-R80D is not available now. Please refer another catalog for new PE-R80". Oct. 1981 issue.

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