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AriaproII 1984

AriaproII Guitars Catalog 1984

1984 Vol.3 catalog, the cover is Michael Schenker.

This catalog is presented in English with a few exceptions. Prices are in Japanese yen.

There are no detailed descriptions of each model, and spec charts and photos are blandly listed. PE-R80, PE-60, RS Elite, RS Deluxe, RS Special, RS Inazuma-I, RS Wildcat, RS Esprit, RS Classic, RS Bobcat, RS Inazuma-II, TA-100, TA-70, TA-60, TA-50, TA-30, PE-175

XX-MS, XX Custom, XX Deluxe, ZZ Custom, ZZ Deluxe, ZZ Custom-KV, ZZB Custom, ZZB, Deluxe, CS Custom, CS Deluxe, CSB Deluxe, CSB-380

SB-R150, SB-1000, SB-900, SB Elite-II, SB Elite-I, ST-1512, RSB Deluxe-II, RSB Deluxe-I, RSB Special-II, RSB Deluxe-5, TSB Special-II, TSB Standard, エレコード FE-T100, FE-T75, FE-T65, FE-T65-12, AE-100, AE-90, AE-90

PE Supra, PE-150, PE-R80KV, PE Deluxe-KV, PE Elite, PE-R100, Effects CP-10, DT-10, OD-10, CH-10, FL-10, AD-10, PS-10, PE-10, NG-10, DEX-1000, AD-05, AR-525, CL-540

Mar. 1984.

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