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AriaproII 1986

AriaproII Guitars Catalog 1986

1986 issue catalog

RS Warrior Shara, RS Warrior Custom, RS Knight Warrior-K, RS Knight Warrior

RS Knight Warrior-MX, RS Road Warrior-MX

RS Road Warrior-DF, RS Road Warrior

RS Hellcat, RS Wildcat Plus, RS Wildcat, RS Inazuma-III

Custom X-FR, Custom X-MX, Custom X

PE Supra, PE Deluxe-KV PE-R80, PE Deluxe

SB-1000, Medium scale SB-1010

SB Integra Kai, SB Integra-DC, SB Integra

RSB Deluxe-5, RSB Deluxe-II, RSB Deluxe-I, medium scale RSB Medium-II

Interceptor-I, II, Interceptor Bass-I


Effects programmer APB-5, Multi effects APE-1, Digital delay ADD-100, DD-X10, Digital flanger/chorus DM-X10, Distortion DT-5, Metal pedal MP-5, Flanger FL-5, Chorus CH-5, Digital delay DEX-100, Spring reverb AR-525, Compressor/limiter/noise gate


Nov. 1985

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