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AriaproII 1987

AriaproII Guitars Catalog 1987

1987 catalog

Table of contents

RS Warrior series guitars RS Warrior STD-2, STD-3, Custom

RS Road Warrior series guitars RS Road Wariior 1, 2, 3 HSH, SH

RS Wildcat series guitars RS Wildcat STD-2, STD-3, DX-2, DX-3, DX-SH

PE series guitars PE Supra, PE Deluxe-KV, PE-R80, PE Deluxe

RS special version guitars RS Knight Warrior-MX, RS Knight Warrior-1-MX, RS Road Warrior-MX, RS Knight Warrior-K, RS Wildcat-K

RSB series basses RSB Deluxe-II, RSB LMD-II, RSB Medium-II, RSB Formula

SB series basses SB-1000, SB-1010, SB-Integra-DC, SB Integra, SB Integra-II

Diamond series guitars and basses JX-1, JX-2, JX-3, JPJ-3, JPJ-2

Pickups and bridges

Digital delay DD-X20, Digital flanger/chorus DM-X10, Digital delay DD-X5, Distortion DT-5, Metal pedal MP-5, Flanger FL-5, Chorus CH-5, Stereo spring reverb AR-526, Stereo gated spring reverb GR-535

Accessories. Dec. 1986

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