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AriaproII 1988

AriaproII Guitars Catalog 1988

1988 issue "new" catalog

The Warrior series guitars 753, 752, 603, 602

Hellion series guitars and basses 50-3, 45-3, 45-2, 35-3, 35-3S, Hellion Bass 55

Precede series guitas and basses 75-SM, 75-HM, 60-S, 60-H, Precede Bass 86, 80

Armoured Warrior series guitars and basses 90, 75, Armoured Warrior Bass

Various guitars and basses. Integra 65, 80, GTB 2J, PJ, Wildcat Bass RS Warrior STD-2, STD-3, RS Road Warrior-2, -3, RS Wildcat DX-3, STD-3, RSB Medium-II, LMD-II, Foramula, Deluxe-II, SB-1000, SB-1010, SB Integra-II, SB Integra, JX-1, JX-2, JX-3, JPJ-2, JPJ-3

Mulit effects APE-2, APE-3, digital delay DD-X20, digital deyal/chorus DM-X10, digital delay DD-X5, flanger AFL-1, chorus ACH-1, ultra metal AUM-1, distortion ADT-1, overdrive AOD-1, analog delay ADL-1, phaser APH-1, compressor ACP-1, parametoric EQ AEQ-1, guitar amps AG-20, AG-35R, bass amps AB-30, AB-50


Nov. 1987

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