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AriaproII 1990

AriaproII Guitars Catalog 1990

This is a large format catalog from the year 1990.

PE Series Guitar PE-1100, PE-800, SB Series Bass SB-LTD, SB-1100, SB-950, SB-800

MAGNA Series Guitar MA-CST, MA-750, MA-650, MA-550, MA-450, MA-400

MAGNA Series Bass MAB-CST, MAB-805, MAB-650, MAB-550, CS Series Guitar CS-620, CS-430

AQUANOTE Series Guitar AQ-CST, AQ-750, AQ-600, AQ-560, AQ-650LF, AQ-560LF

AQUANOTE Series Guitar AQ-650ST, AQ-550ST, AQ-65/12, AQUANOTE Series Bass AQB-750, AQB-650, AQB-600

VANGUARD Series Guitar VA-550, VA-450, VA-350, VANGUARD Series Bass VAB-500, VAB-400, VAB-400M

ARGENT Series Bass ARB-CST, ARB-750, ARB-600, ARB-560, ARB-550, ARB-480

INTEGRA Series Bass IGB-CST-5RS, IGB-CST-5, IGB-CST, IGB-805, IGB-650, IGB-580

THE WARRIOR Series Guitar WR-800, WR-500, WR-400, TA Series Guitar TA-1200, TA-850, TA-500

DIAMOND Series Guitar and Bass JX-550, JX-450, JX-400, TEX-400, TEX-350, JPJ-400, Les Paul model LPC-470, LPS-470, ATV-400, SG model ASG-420, ASG-400, Firebirdo model AFB-550

Guitar amps and effects.

Oct. 1989 issue.

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