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AriaproII 1991

AriaproII Guitars Catalog 1991

Catalog in 1991

Table of contents

PE series guitars PE-1500, PE-1000TR, PE-850, flat top models PE-JR750, PE-JR600

MA series guitars MA-1000, MA-900, MA-800, MA-700ST

MA series guitars MA-650, MA-600, MA-550, MA-480, MA-430

AQ series guitars AQ-1000, AQ-800 AQ-650, AQ-600, 12 string model AQ-65/12

VA series guitars VA-650, VA-600, VA-550, VA-480, VA-380

Semi hollow TA series guitars TA-1300, TA-900, TA-550


SB series basses SB-LTD, SB-1200, SB-1000, bolt-on neck models SB-JR750, SB-JR600

AVB series basses AVB-950, AVB-800, AVB-600

IGB series basses IGB-805, IGB-700, IGB-600, IGB-550

MAB series basses MAB-800, MAB-805, MAB-650M, MAB-550

VAB series basses VAB-550, VAB-500, VAB-430, VAB-430M, VAB-430S


Body colors

Example of Hand-crafted Pro Musician Line models MAT-01T, MA-01T, MA-02S, AQS-01S, AQ-02S

Pro Musician Line model basses AVB-025T, AVB-016T, IGB-015T, IFB-014T, MAB-014D, MAB-024D

Guitar and bass amps GAP-10, GAP-15, BAP-10, BAP-15

Effects AFL-1 flanger, ACH-1 chorus, AUM-1ultra metal, ADT-1 distortion, AOD-1 overdrive, ADS-1 digital delay / sampler, ADL-1 analog delay, APH-1 phaser, ACP-1 compressor, AEQ-1 parametoric equalizer, AFZ-1 fuzz, ANG-1 noise gate, AOC-1 octaver, ACH-2 bass chorus, AFL-2 bass flanger, ADT-2 bass distortion, ACP-2 bass compressor, AWV-100 wah/volume, AWP-100 wah, AVP-100 volume pedal, Jen's pedals Double sound, Mr. cry baby, Cry baby


Specification chart

Nov. 1990

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