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AriaproII 1996

AriaproII Guitars Catalog 1996

1996 issue catalog

Aria and import agent brands

PE-100, PE-85, PE-65, PE-DLX, PE-Classic, SB-1000RI, SB-100

MAC-120, MAC-85, MAC-75, MAC-65P

MA-065, MA-055, MA-045, MA-038, MA-36, 615SPL

AVB-95, AVB85/5, AVB-80, AVB-055, AVB-050, AVB-55/5

MAB-36, IGB-50 active, TA-01, TA-02, FA-65

Endorsement artists

Guitar Controller for Roland GR PE-MID-I, PE-MID-II, TA-MID, SPG-MID, SPF-MID

Guitar controller MAC-MID-V, MAC-MID-DV, Bass controller AVB-MID-06, 05, 04, SB-MID-05, SB-MID-04R

PE-01, PE-02, MAC-40TH, MAC-120

AVB-SSB-014, AVB-SSB-015, AVB-SSB-016, AVB-016, AVB-015, SB-024, SB-025

SWB-04, SWB-02/5, SWB-03, SWB-02, VG-01, VB-01, AJ-01, AJ-02

Sandpiper electric acoustic guitars SP-1, SP-2, SP-3, SP-4, MBA-61, MBA-51, MBA-60, MBA-50, FEA-10G, FEA-DLX

FET-01, FET-02, FET-03, FEB-02, CE-40, CE-42, Acoustic guitar ADW-200, ADW-75F, ADW-75

Acoustic guitar ADW-300, ADW-800, ADW-400C, DB-45, Autoharp AH-21, Mandolins AM-300, AM-200, AM-400, AM-200E, AM-600, Banjos SB-600, SB-400, SB-200, SB-100

Classic guitars AC-80, AC-50, AC-35, AC-25 Small size "Pepe" series P-59M, P-55M, P-49M

Heritage Eagle Classic DLX, Eagle DLX, H-145, H-540, Sweet 16, H-580, American Eagle

Rich & Taylor Banjos, Mandolin, Resofonic guitars

Patrick Eagle, Rickenbacker, Hamer guitars

Legend LLC-45, LLS-36, LPB-36, LMB-25, LAW-18, LAC-18, LST-25, LRK-400, LMK-400

Naylor Amp, ATG-20, ATG-35R, ATB-20, Breezin' 30, Pignose 7-100-R, 7-200

Aria Stomp box effects, Don lace pickups

Fishman pickups, picato guitar strings

strings and accesories


Oct. 1995

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