The World of Musical Instruments Brochures

B.C.Rich 1990

B.C.Rich Catalog 1990

1990 issue catalog

Endorsement artists

GS-M, GS-M2, ST-3, T-M1, WG-26, MG-27, NB-Bass, ST-3Bass, ST-5Bass, EG-27, WB-426, MB-426, EB-427

GS-MR851, GS-851, GS-MR853, ST-983GCR, ST-C982, GS-MR851

WG-801, WG-801LH, WG-981GCR, WG-C981, WG-9981

EG-801, IG-851, MG-801, MG-9981, MG-1101N, BG-801

MB-9987, WB-9987, WB-857, MB-1007N, MB-857, MB-857S, EB-857, IB-907


oct. 1990

MG-601, MB-987

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