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Epiphone Guitar Catalog 1995

This is the 1995 catalog. The first half is for acoustic guitars and the second half is for electric guitars.

PR-350, PR-350-12, EJ-200, Hummingbird, PR-350 RW, PR-800 S, EJ-212, PR-350, SQ-180 It's a mix of original Epiphone models and Gibson copies.

Electric acoustic guitars PR-350 CE, PR-6E, EO-1, EO-2, PR-350E-RW, PR-350-12E, EJ-200CE, Jeff Baxter, EL RIO, PR-7E (Specifications only)

Nylon string guitars C-25, C-40, C-70 CE, Banjo MB-100, MB-200, MB-250, Mandolins MM-30, MM-50, MD-30 Dobro

Les Paul models ELP-50 S, ELP-55 C, LP-100, LP Studio Standard, Les Paul Standard, Les Paul Custom, Stiletto, LP Special Double Cut

Chet CEC, SG model guitars G-310, G-400, Flying V, Firebird, Coronet, Nighthawk Special-3, Nighthawk Standard-3, Les Paul Bass, Viola Bass

Emperor II, Sheraton II

Riviera, Casino, Sorrento, Rivoli Bass, Emperor Regent

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