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Epiphone Guitar Catalog 1998

This is the 1998 catalog. The first half is for electric guitars and the second half is for acoustic guitars.

Archtop collection Riviera, Casino, Sorrento, Emperor Regent

Archtop collection B.B.King Lucille, E-335 model Dot, Emperor II, Sheraton II, ES-295 w/Vibrotone, Casino w/Vibrotone, Broadway, Howard Roberts

Limited edition Les Paul Standard Translucent, Les Paul Black Beauty, Les Paul Standard Flake, Slash Les Paul Classic, G-1275 custom Double Neck, Noel Gallagher Supernova, John Lennon EJ-160E, Texan, Flontier, Elvis Presley EJ-200

Les Paul standard, Les Paul Custom, Les Paul Studio Standard, Les Paul Double cutaway, LP-100 Studio, Les Paul Studio, Les Paul Deluxe, Les Paul Studio w/Pearl, Les Paul '56 Goldtop

Coronet, Firebird, Flying-V, 1958 Korina Explorer, 1958 Korina Flying-V, 1958 Flying-V, G-400, G-310, Special II, G-400w/Vibrotone, Junior, Junior Double cutaway, G-310 Junior

Ripper Bass, EB-0, EB-1, Thunderbird Non Reverse, Thunderbird IV Reverse, Les Paul Special Bass, Les Paul Standard Bass, Rivoli Bass, Viola Bass

EJ-200, Hummingbird, Dove, Electric Dove, Don Everly SQ-180, PR-350, PR-350-12, PR-400

Advanced Jumbo collection AJ-15, AJ-15E, AJ-1512, AJ-18S, AJ-28S, AJ-35S, AJ-45S, AJ-45SE

Advanced Jumbo collection AJ-18SCE, AJ-30CE, AJ-40TLC, Acoustic/Electric EJ-200CE, Jeff Baxter, PR-6E, PR-350CE

Chet Atkins CEC, SST, C-70CE, Spider, Biscuit, Les Paul Pee Wee & Mini-Tweed Amp

Guitar amps Regent 20, 50R, Regent Bass 50, Acousti Regent 30, Acoustic Regent 230

Published by Yamano Music, Dec. 1 1998

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