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Epiphone (circa 1991)

Epiphone Guitar Catalog (circa 1991)

There's no date of issue, but probably 1991 or 1992.

PR-350RW, PR-775S, PR-775-12, EJ-200, EJ-212, PR-350, PR-350-12, SQ-180

Electric Acoustic PR-775SE, PR-775-12E, PR-350 RW-E, PR-350 CE, PR-350-12E, PR-6E, PR-7E

EO-1, EO-2, C-70 CE, C-40, C-25

Banjo MB-250, MB-200, MB-100, Tenor Banjo TB-75, Mandolin MM-50, MM-30, Dobro MD-30

Imperial Collection Howard Roberts 1960's, Emperor 1930's, Thinline models SheratonII, Emperor II

LP-100 Standard, Les Paul Custom, Les Paul Standard, Stiletto

G-400, G-310, Flying V, EM-1, EM-2, EBM-4, EBM-5

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