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ESP 1988

ESP Catalog 1988

Catalog in 1988

Selected Quilted series SEC-320, SEC-320D, SEC-250

New York series Mirage Deluxe, Mirage Custom, Phoenix, M-1 Custom, Horizon Custom, Eclipse Custom, Horizon Bass, Horizon Bass-5

Artist series SEA-300, SEA-250, SEA-210/175, SBA-180, FA-300/220, SE-190DM, PJ-160FB, TE-230SI, SGL-300/190, Random Star RS-213, RS-190, PPJ-160, MSV-220

Traditional series Stratocastere models SEV-54, SEV-57, SEV-60, SEV-64

Custom series PMS-3, PMS-PRO, PMS-1, PMT, PMP, PMS-STW, PMJ, SEC-200R, SEC-170S, LPS-350, LPS-250, LPC-200, The Mirage-SSH

About materials and the others.

Parts, accessories, artists.

1988-6 means Jun. 1988, probably.

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