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Fender 1979

Fender Catalog 1979

Catalog of Guitars, Amps and Keyboards

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Stratocaster, Telecaster Standard, Deluxe, Custom, Thinline, Starcaster, Jazzmaster, Mustang, Bronco, Musicmaster

300 PS BASS Super Twin Reverb, Dual Showman Reverb, Twin Reverb, Vibrosonic Reverb, Super Reverb, Pro Reverb, Vibrolux Reverb, Deluxe Reverb, Princeton Reverb, Princeton, Vibro Champ

Jazz Bass, Precision Bass, Fretless Precision Bass, Telecaster Bass, Mustang Bass, Muscmaster Bass
300 PS, Bassman 135, 70, Ten

MA-6 Sound System, Rhodes Suitcase Piano, Stage Piano, Home PIano, Piano Bass

Steel Guitars Student Single 10, Stringmaster, Deluxe 6, Banjo Concert Tone, Artist, Allegro


Annexed price list, dated 21 Sep. 1979

Price list

Price list

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