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Fender 1983

Fender Catalog 1983

The year of issue is unknown, but the Elite model is listed in the catalog, so it is likely to be around 1983.

Vintage series '52 Telecaster, '57 Stratocaster, '62 Stratocaster, '62 Jazz bass, '57 Precision bass, '62 Precision bass

Description of the Elite Series. Although it was an ambitious model with a variety of new innovations, it was only produced for a very short period of time between 1983 and 1984.

The new innovations cover a wide range of hardware, electronics and neck.

Elite Stratocaster, Gold Elite Stratocaster, Walnut Elite Stratocaster

Elite Telecaster, Gold Elite Telecaster, Walnut Elite Telecaster

Featuring a bridge with fine tuners, the Elite Precision Bass is available in a number of variations, including a two-pickup model, a walnut model, and a gold model.

Standard Stratocaster and Telecaster

Standard Precision bass and Jazz bass

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