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Fender 1992

Fender Catalog 1992

1992 issue catalog


1952 Vintage Telecaster

1957 and 1962 Vintage Stratocaster

1957 and 1962 Vintage Precision Bass

1962 Vintage Jazz Bass

American standard series Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazz Bass

Plus series Deluxe Strato Plus, Strato Plus, Strato Ultra, Deluxe Tele Plus, Tele Plus

Bass Plus series Precision Bass Plus, Jazz Bass Plus, Jazz Bass Plus V

Set-neck Telecaster

Signature series Eric Clapton model Stratocaster, Yngwie Malmsteen model Stratocaster, James Burton model Telecaster, Jeff Back model Straotocaster

Description of the Lace sensor and color chart.

Yamano music

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