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Fender 1993

Fender Catalog 1993

1993 issue catalog


'52 Vintage Telecaster

'57 and '62 Vintage Telecaste

'57 and '62 Vintage Precision Bass

'62 Vintage Jazz Bass

American Standard Telecaster and Stratocaster

Strat Plus, Deluxe Strat Plus, Strat Ultra, Jazz Bass Plus, Jazz Bass Plus V, Precision Bass Plus

Eric Clapton Stratocaster

Jeff Beck Stratocaster and Stevie Ray Vaughan Stratocaster

Yngwie Malmsteen Stratocaster, Richie Sambora Stratocaster, James Burton Telecaster, Albert Collins Telecaster, Danny Gatton Telecaster, Jerry Donahue Telecaster

Stuart Hamm Bass

American Classic Stratocaster, 1954 Stratocaster

1960 Stratocaster, Left-Hand models, Vintage Precision Custom Bass

Bajo Sexto Telecaster, Sparkle Telecaster, Set Neck Telecaster, Set Neck Stratocaster

Pickups and Color Chart

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