The World of Musical Instruments Brochures

Fender Japan 1985

Fender Japan Catalog 1985

There's no date of issue, but probably 1985.

Telecaster TL52-95, TL52-70, TL62-70

Telecaster TL62B-70, TL72-55, TL69-115, TL69-75, TN72-75, TC72-60

Stratocaster ST57-115, ST62-115, ST57-85

Stratocaster ST62-85, ST57-70, ST62-70, ST72-70, ST62-55, ST57-55, ST72-55, Medium scale ST314-55, Ritchie Blackmore model ST72-65

Precision basses PB57-95, PB62-98

Precision basses PB62-80, PB57-75, PB62-55, PB57-55, Original precision bass OPB54-75, Jazz basses JB62-115, JB62-80, JB62-60

Fretless PB62-55FL, JB62-60FL, Limited edition TES54-70, TES61-70, JM66-70

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