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Fender Japan 2000

Fender Japan Catalog 2000

Fender Japan 2000 Catalog.

Stratocaster ST57-70TX, ST58-70TX, ST62-70TX

Stratocaster ST57-78US, ST62-58US, ST54-95LS, ST54-80AM

Stratocaster ST62G-80TX, ST68-85TX, ST71-85TX, ST72-58US

Telecaster TL52-80TX, TL62B-75TX, TL52-70US, TL62-65US

Telecaster TL72-65, TL72-53, TN72-85, TC72-70

Telecaster TL52-80SPL, TL67-80SPL, TL69-85, medium scale Strat ST57M-53, ST62M-53, medium scale Jazz Bass JB62M-58

Jaguar JG66-85, Jazzmaster JM66-80, Mustang MG69-65, Jag-Stang JSG-65

Low Price Model Standard Series Telecaster ST-43J, TL-43J, Jazz Bass JB-45J, Precision Bass PB-43J

Left Hand Models Stratocaster ST57-65L, ST62-65L, ST68-75L, Telecaster TL72-65L, TL72-70L, Precision Bass PB57-65L, PB62-65L, Jazz Bass JB62-70L

Electric Acoustic Guitars Stratacoustic, Telecoustic, mini size acoustic guitar MA-1, nylon string model MC-1

Yngwie Malmsteen signature model ST68-185YM, ST71-140YM, unique nylon string model STCL-140YM

Richie Sambora model STR-135RS, STR-140RS

Ritchie Blackmore model ST72-145RB, ST-175RB with set neck

It is difficult to see who wrote it, due to doodling. Richie Kotzen model STR-135RK, TLR-135RK, Marcus Miller model JB77-195MM

Noel Redding Model Jazz Bass JB65-115NR, Hojin Egawa Model JB75-120H

Jazz Bass JB62-75US, Fretless JB62-77FL, JB75-90US, JB62-58, JBG-70

Precision Bass PB57-70US, PB62-70US, PB70-70US, PB57-53, PB62-53, Mustang Bass MB98-70SD

Guitar Cases

Shields, Guitar straps

Squire series Stratocaster SSQ, Telecaster TSQ, TCQ

Squier series Jagmaster JGQ, JMQ, Precision Bass PSQ, Jazz Bass JSQ

The information in this catalog is current as of December 1999.

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