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Fender Japan 2003

Fender Japan Catalog 2003

Fender Japan 2003 Catalog.

Stratocaster ST57-70TX, ST58-70TX, ST62-70TX

Stratocaster ST57-58US, ST62-58US, ST54-95LS, ST54-80AM

Stratocaster ST62G-80TX, ST68-85TX, ST71-85TX, ST72-58US

Telecaster TL52-80TX, TL52-110BTX, TL52-70US, TL62B-75TX, TL62B-100BTX, TL62-65US

Telecaster TL71-58, TN72-85, TC72-70, TL52-80SPL, TL67-80SPL, TL69-85 PRD, TL69-85 BFL

Mustang MG69-65, Jaguar JG66-85, Jazzmaster JM66-80, J-Craft Series Jaguar Special JGS-78, JGS-75

J-Craft Series Strat-Special ST-80SPL/M, ST-80SPL/R, Telecaster Thinline Special TN-85SPL, TN-90SPL

Low Price Model Stratocaster ST-43, Telecaster TL-43, Jazz Bass JB-45, Precision Bass PB-43

Medium Scale Models Stratocaster ST-43M, ST-43HM, Jazz Bass JB-45M, Short Scale Models Stratocaster ST-38S, ST-37S

Color variations of regular models ST57-70TX, ST62-70TX, ST57-58US, ST62-58US, JB62-75US, JB62-58

Aerodyne Jazz Bass AJB-58, AJB-65

Yngwie Malmsteen Model ST68-185YM, ST71-140YM

Ritchie Blackmore Model ST72-145RB, Ritchie Kotzen Model TLR-145RK, TLR-135RK

Hirofumi Tokutake Model TL62B-95DK, Sting Model Original Precision Bass OPB54-145SG

Jazz Bass JB62-75US, JB62-58, JB75-90US, Fretless Model JB62-77FL, Mustang Bass MB98-70SD

Precision Bass PB57-70US, PB62-70US, PB70-70US, PB57-53, PB62-53, Original Precision Bass OPB51-95SD

Left Hand Models Stratocaster ST57-65L, ST62-65L, ST68-75L, Telecaster TL71-70L, Precision Bass PB57-65L, PB62-65L, Jazz Bass JB62-70L

Gig Cases, Hard Cases

Shields, straps, accessories, etc.

The information in this catalog is current as of January 2003.

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