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Fender Japan 2012

Fender Japan Catalog 2012

This is the 2012 catalog. This year marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of Fender Japan.

The message of the 30th anniversary of the founding of the company. However, three years later, in 2015, the Fender Japan brand will cease to exist.

Stratocaster ST54/VSP, ST57/VSP, ST57-TX/ALG, ST57-TX, ST57-US, ST57M-US

Stratocaster ST57, ST57/ASH, ST58, ST62/VSP, ST62/ASH/MH, ST62-TX

Stratocaster ST62-TX/MH, ST62-US, ST62M-US, ST62, ST62G

Stratocaster ST68-TX, ST71/ASH, ST72, ST-STD, ST-STD/SSH

Stratocaster STR-VC, Pawn Shop PS51, PS72

Aerodyne Stratocaster AST, AST-M, AST-M/SSH, Telecaster TL52/VSP, TL52-TX, TL52, TL52-SPL

Telecaster TL62B/VSP, TL62B, TL62B-BIGS, TL62-US

Telecaster TL69, TL69-SPL (Japanese-style flower pattern replaces paisley pattern), TL71/ASH, TL-STD, TC72

Telecaster TN70/MAHO, TN72/MAHO, TN72, TN72G-FT/MH, TN72-FT/MH, TN-SPL, TD-2H

Jazzmaster JM60/VSP, JM66B, JM66, JM/HO, Jaguar JG65B/VSP, JG66, JG/HO, JGS

Mustang MG65/VSP, MG65, MG69, MG69/MH, MG73/CO

Mustang MG77, PS MG, Beck model MG69-BECK/CO, Telecaster TL68-BECK

Fender Japan players

Richie Kotzen model TLR-RK, STR-RK, Yngwie Malmsteen model ST-YJM

J Mascis model JM-JM, Kurt Cobain model Kurt Cobain MG/CO, Kurt Cobain MG, Kurt Cobain MG/CO/LH, Kurt Cobain MG/LH

Marcus Miller model JB77-MM, Aerodyne Jazz Bass AJB-DX, AJB, AJB-M, AJB-V

Jazz Bass JB62/VSP, JB62-FL, JB62-US, JB62-WAL, JB62, JB62M


Original Precision Bass OPB51-SD, Precision Bass PB57-US, PB57, PB62/VSP, PB62-US, PB62

Precision Bass PB70/ASH, PB70, PB-STD, Jaguar Bass JAB-EQ

Mustang Bass MB-SD/CO, MB-SD, BASS VI

Left-Handed model Stratocaster ST57/LH, ST62/LH, ST68/LH, ST72/LH, AST/LH, Telecaster TL52/LH, TL62B/LH, TL71/ASH/LH, TC72/LH, TN72/LH

Left-Handed model Jazz Bass JB62/LH, JB62-FL/LH, JB75/LH, AJB/LH, Precision Bass PB57/LH, PB62/LH, PB70/LH, Jaguar Bass JAB/LH, 5-String Jazz Bass JAV/LH

Guitar amp SVD-20, SDR-15, SD-15, Dice II, Micro King, Bass amp BMC-20, Bassboy

The information in this catalog is current as of December 2011.

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