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Fernandes 1984

Fernandes Catalog 1984

1984 catalog

FST-155, FST-135

FST-85, FST-80


FST-115, FST-95, FST-50

FPB-WJ120, FPB-PJ130, PFB-PJ120, FPB-P100 with EMG pickups

24 inch scale BSV series guitars BSV-135, BSV-90, BSV-70, BSV-55

EX-85, EX-100, RRB-80, EXB-85, MB-85, EB-85

Stingray type bass SB-85, Telecaster type TED-80, B.C.Rich type MG-160, BG-180, EG-160, EB-170, Alembic type AG-170, AB-170, AB-180

Floyd Rose tremolo and Fernandes "Head Banker"

John Sykes model LC-70JS, Randy Rhoads model LC-70RR, FV-105RR, FV-115RR, Angus Young model SG-75AY, Brad Gillis model ST-155BG, ST-120BG, ST-105BG

Michael Schenker model FV-85MS, Richie Blackmore model ST-80RBM, Steve Lukather model ST-145SL, ST-90SL, Neal Schon model LG-135NS, Mick Johnes model ML-120MJ, Gary Moore model ST-80GM, Matthias Jabs model EX-85MJ, Jimmy Page model SG-140JP, Jaco Pastorius model JB-70J, Dave Murry model ST-80DM, Jeff Beck model ST-70J, Paul McCartney model RB-80PM, Eikichi Yazawa model YB-70

Stratocaster type RST-80-54, RST-80-59

Stratocaster type RST-50-57, RST-50-64, RST-70-57, RST-70-64 and Custom color variations

RST-60-66, RST-50-W- 76, RST-50-B-76, RST-50-72

Telecaster type RTE-80-48, RTE-60-54, RTE-60-59, RTE-70-59, Mustang type RMT-50-64, Esquire type RES-60-54, RES-70-59

Jazz Bass type RJB-75-60, RJB-55-64, Precision Bass type RPB-70-57, RPB-70-59, RPB-50-57, RPB-50-64

"Burny" Les Paul type RLG-150-59, RLG-120-59, RLG-90-59, RLG-60-59

Les Paul type RLC-60-60, RLC-65-57, RLG-50-59, RLG-60-56

ES-335 type RSA-100-60, Les Paul TV type RTV-80-58, Les Paul Junior type RLJ-80-58, SG type RSG-75-63, RSG-75-69, Flying V type RFV-75-74, Explorer type REX-80-76

EMG pickups

Fernandes pickups and built-in effects

Guitar amps GRT-100E, GR-60, GR-40, GR-10, Bass amps GRB-30, GRB-20

Color variation and accesories

Jan. 1984

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