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Fernandes 1988

Fernandes Catalog 1988

1988 Catalog. The cover is Tomoyasu Hotei, a guitarist of the band BOOWY.


Revolver FR-120

Revolver FR-75

Revolver FR-65

Revolver FR-55

Revolver FR-55T, FR-50

MIDI interface and pickup Digitech Pitchrider 7000 Mark II and the guitar FR-65MIDI dedeicated for pitchrider.

The Function FST-80

The Function FST-65

Grand Function STF-115, STF-125, Super Grade STS-100


Revolver Bass FRB-70, FRB-60

Revolver Bass FRB-65

Revolver Bass FRB-55

STJ-120, STJ-75, STJ-90, STJ-85, STC-70, STC-50

JS-100, JSB-70

BSV-70, BX-70, BXB-75, BXB-55

LJ-55, TV-55, SG-55, MM-55, TS-55, RG-80, RB-80

Tomoyasu Hotei model guitars MV-95HT and TE-95HT

TEJ-85, TEJ-80, TEJ-75

ST-65JL, ST-65JL2, ST-65-JL3, ST-120WM, FGJ-85RC, JS-115RC, WG-120CG, WB-85B, MB-85, EB-85, FV-85MS, EX-85MJ, ST-80YM

LG-65JW, ST-80BG, LC-70JS, BX-80J, BSV-80J, LC-70RR, FV-105RR, ST-80RBM, SG-75AY, SG-140JP, JB-70J, RB-80PM, YB-70

PJ-60, PJ-50

PJ-45, PJS-42, ST-40, SSH-40

Stratocaster model guitar RST-80 '54model, RST-80 '59model, RST-50 '57model, RST-50 '64model

Stratocaster model guitar RST-50W '76model, RST-50B '76model, RST-50 '72model, Telecaster model guitar RTE-80 '48model, RTE-60 '54model, RTE-60 '59model, RTE-50 '76model, RTE-45 '76model

Jazz bass model RJB-55 '64model, Precision bass model RPB-50 '57model, RPB-50 '64model

Les Paul model guitar RSC-100, RSC-80, RLC-60 '60model, RLC-65 '57model, RLJ-80 '58model, RTV-80 '58model, REX-80 '76model, RFV-75 '74model, RSG-75 '63model, RSG-75 '69model, RSA-100 '60model

Les Paul model guitar RLG-TRADITIONAL, RLG-90 '59model, RLG-60 '59model, RLG-50 '59model. The price of the RLG model is the market value.

Tremolo unit FRT-7

FRT-4, FRT-5, FRT-6, FRT-8, FRT-9

FGI pickup

VH Pro Sound pickup

Fernandes pickup and parts

Price list for parts and color chart

DOD and Digitech effects

DOD and Audio Logic effects



Fernandes Gyro series amp


1987. 12.1 Printed in Japan.

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