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Fernandes 1993 Vol.1

Fernandes Catalog 1993 Vol.1

Very thick, 1993 vol.1 catalog


Description about Sustainer

Revolver series guitar FR-95S with Sustainer

Revolver series guitar FR-75S with Sustainer

Detailed description of the sustainer

Revolver series guitar FR-75

Revolver series guitar FR-65

Revolver series guitar FR-55



FRB Revolver series bass FRB-180, FRB-125, FRB-100, FRB-90

Revolver series bass FRB-75

Medium scale Revolver bass FRB-65, FRB-55

Tomoyasu Hotei model guitars TE-340HT with Sustainer, TE-240HT, TE-95HT

Hide (X-Japan) model guitars MG-80X, MG-120X, MG-125S with Sutainer

Yoshiki (X-Japan) model guitar BG-125X

Heath (X-Japan) model bass XB-95H

Hisashi Imai (buck-tick) model BT-120MM, STJ-80BT, Hidehiko Hoshino (buck-tick) model BT-110HH

Cipher (Ichiro Takigawa) model guitar TE-85C, Kazuhide Shirota (Grand Slam) model BH-120S, Takeshi Nishiyama(Hound Dog) model ST-85NT, Mitsug Watanabe (Persons) model bass TEB-75MW, Eikichi Yazawa model YB-75


TEJ model guitars TEJ-70, TEJ-55, TEJ-95S with Sustainer

Information on repair services

Stratocaster type The Function series guitar FST-90S with Sustainer

Stratocaster type FST-75

Stratocaster type FST-55

Various types of guitars JS-100, BX-75, BSV-75, STJ-75

Various types of guitars and basses MB-90, MB-65, MV-65NS, WB-90, RG-80, RG-120, RB-80, RB-80PM


Burny model guitars

Burny E-240, E-125

Burny LS-80, LSB-120, LSB-80

Burny V-155, V-120S

Burny H-115, H-105, HB-100


Takeshi Nishiyama and Jun-ichi Yashima (Hound dog)

Introduction to Fernandes Guitar Engineer School




Fernandes guitar amp FA-50DSR, FA-15, FA-20D, FA-15B

DOD effects

Digitech effects

Digitech effects

Guitar straps

Guitar straps

Pick and guitar strings


ZO-3, ZO-3C, ZO-3P guitars with built-in speaker

ZO-3 PIE-ZO bass with built-in speaker and PIE-ZO FL Fretless model

Printed in Japan 1993 Mar.

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