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Fernandes 1995 Vol.2

Fernandes Catalog 1995 Vol.2

It is a thick catalog almost the size of an LP vinyl jacket.


Description about Sustainer

Featuring artists who use sustainers.

FR series guitar with Sustainer FR-150S and FR-120S

FR series guitar with Sustainer FR-85S and FR-75-3S

FR-75S with Sustainer and featuring artists

FR-75 (w/o Sustainer)



Featuring artists

FRB series bass FRB-100, FRB-90

FRB series bass FRB-75, FRB-65

FRB series bass FRB-55, FRB-45

SWB series bass SWB-95, SWB-75, SWB-55

FGZ series guitar FGZ-550, FGZ-400

FST series guitar FST-95S with Sustainer

FST series guitar FST-75S with Sustainer and FST-45

TEJ series guitar TEJ-95S, TEJ-70, TEJ-55G, TEJ-55B

Tomoyasu Hotei model guitar TE-340HT with Sustainer, TE-240HT, TE-120SHT with Sustainer, TE-95HT

Hide(X-Japan) model guitar MG-280X, MG-120X, MG-125S with Sustainer, MG-115C, MG-80X

Yoshiki(X-Japan) model guitar BG-125X, Heath(X-Japan) model bass XB-95H, EB-95X

Hisashi Imai (Buck-Tick) model guitar BT-120MM, STJ-80BT, BT-115S with Sustainer, Hidehiko Hoshino (Buck-Tick) model guitar BT-110HH

Kazuhide Shirota (Grand Slam) model guitar BH-155S with Sustainer, BH-125, Hironori Yoshikawa (Grand Slam) model bass FRB-155B

Takeshi Nishiyama (Hound Dog) model guitar ST-85NT, Ichiro Segawa (Craze) model guitar TE-85C, M-85C

Norio Toshiro (Ziggy) model bass ZB-85, Shin Murohime (Die in Cries) model guitar MT-95DC, MT-85S, Takashi Kaneuchi (Die in Cries) model bass RB-115DC, RB-105DC

Shin model Flying-V type guitar FV-80K, Takuya(Judy and Mary) model guitar TE-85T, TE-95T, Ken(L'Arc-en-Ciel) model guitar LA-80KK

Mitsugu Watanabe (Personz) model bass JB-145MW, JB-85MW, Yoshio Nomura model guitar YN-85, BMB-90, BMB-65, BWB-90, BWB-65, YB-75

LS series guitar LS-135, LS-105

LS-75, Electric acoustic guitar LSA-145, LSA-85

Original design semi-hollow body guitar BSA-150, BSA-120

LSB series bass LSB-155, LSB-135, LSB-85, LSB-65

Featuring artists

H series guitars and basses with unique body shapes HB-135, HB-65, H-85, H-65

Featuring artists

Featuring artists

Guitars and basses designed by Fernandes USA APG-100, APG-85S, AFR-125, ASB-100S

Featuring artists

Hiwatt guitar amp

DOD stomp effects

Digitech effects

Digitech effects

KARA-BAN sound module for practicing each instrument of the band and FSA-15KB guitar amplifier with built-in KARA-BAN

Guitar amp FA series FA-50DSR, FA-20D, FA-15, FA-15B, GC series GC-20, GC-20R

Mini guitar ZO-3 with built-in speaker, expanded to many lineups

ZO-3, ZO-3C, ZO-3A, ZO-3 gei-tassha (that means skilful in japanese), ZO-3GF

Many variations of ZO-3, ZO-3P, TORA-ZO, KYO-ZO, PIE-ZO, PI-ZO FL




Guitar strings and accessories

Guitar pickup


Parts list

Introduction to Fernandes Guitar Engineer School

Color chart

Printed in Japan '95 Aug.

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