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Fresher (circa 1979)

Fresher Guitar Catalog circa 1979

No date of issue, but perhaps 1978 or 1979

Model index

Les Paul model FL-301, FL-331

Les Paul model FL-381, SG model FG-301,Stratocaster model FS-331

Mustang model FN-281, Telecaster model FT-301, Marauder model FM-385, FE-351

FS-1007, FL-1005, FF-1003, FS-682, FS-672 with built-in Phaser/Auto wah/Distortion/sustainer/booster.

Jazz bass model FJ-331, Precision bass model FP-331

Rick's 4001 model FR-384, FR-454, Violin bass FK-301 and left hand models

left hand model FK-301, FJ-331, FP-331, and special japan lacquer finish and carving finish model.

Parts List

Manufactured by Matsumoto Musical Instruments Mfg.

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