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Gaban/Hummingbird 197x

Gaban/Hummingbird/Tokai catalog 197x

It seems to be a catalog listing Tokai Gakki's products, both their own and those of other companies. It is probably from middle of the 1970s. Gaban brand guitars manufactured by Tokai Gakki in the early days. Les Paul models FLG-DX750, FLG-600, FLG-480, SG model FSG-550, EB-3 model bass FEB-480L

Hummingbird brand acoustic guitars, said to have been manufactured by Tokai Gakki before the Cat's Eye brand. W-300, W-250, W-200, W-150, F-200, F-150, F-120

Spinet harpsichord, Chroma harp (autoharp), drums, Korg synthesizer, etc. Spinet and Chroma harp are products that were manufactured by Tokai Gakki.

Classical guitars TC600, TC500, TC350, Banjo T550R, T750R

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