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Gibson (circa 1978)

Gibson Guitar Catalog (circa 1978)

Perhaps late '70s price list for japan, printed in the U.S.A.

The Les Paul, Les Paul Artisan, Les Paul Custom 3-pickup, Les Paul Custom w/Maple Fingerboard, Les Paul Custom, Les Paul Custom /Nickel Parts, Les Paul Recording, Les Paul Pro Deluxe, Les Paul Standard, Les Paul Deluxe, Les Paul 55, Les Paul Special Double Cutawyay

L-5S, SG Custom, SG Standard, L-6S Custom, L-6S Deluxe, Melody Maker Double Cutaway, S-1, Marauder

RD Artist, RD Custom, RD Standard, RD Artist Bass, RD Standard Bass, ES-355TDSV, ES-345TDSV, ES-335TD, ES-175T, ES-350T

Super-400C, L-5C, Super-400CES, L-5CES, JSD, JS, Byrdland, Howard Roberts Artist, Howard Roberts Cutaway, ES-175D

Les Paul Triumph Bass, Ripper L-9S, L-9S Fretless, EB-3, G-3, Grabber, Mark 99, Mark 81, Mark 72, Mark 53, Mark 35

J-200, Dove, Hummingbird, Heritage, Gospel, J-55, J-50, J-45, J-40

Banjo All American, Florentine, 800 series, 250 series, 100 series, Mandolin F-5, F-12, A-5, A-12


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