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Gibson (mid 70s)

Gibson Guitar Catalog (mid 70s)

The year of issue is unknown, but from the model listed, it seems to be around 1975. Only the specs have been compiled together and posted at the end of the introduction.

Les Paul Signature guitar and bass

SG custom, SG Standard, SG Special



Les Paul Recording and Les Paul Triumph



ES-345TD, ES-335TD, ES-325TD


Super 400, L-5C

Johnny Smith JS and JSD

Super 400 CES, Howard Roberts, Byrdland, ES-175D

L-5CES, ES-150DC, Les Paul Deluxe, Les Paul Custom

Ripper L9-S and Ripper Fretless bass

EB-3 and Grabber bass

Acoustic guitars J-200, Dove, Hummingbird

J-55, Heritage, Gospel, J-50(J-45)

Banjo All American

Banjo RB-800, RB-350, RB-250, RB-100

Flat mandolin F-5 and F-12

A-5 and A-12

Epiphone models, manufactured by Matsumoku. Newport, Newport WL

Olympic, Olympic custom


Emperor, Riviera

Kanda shokai, authorized by NOLIN MUSIC, INC.

I've compiled an editorial summary of the spec portions sandwiched between each page.



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