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Gibson 1987

Gibson Guitar Catalog 1987

Catalog in 1987

About Gibson.

About Gibson.

Les Paul re-issue, Les Paul custom, Les Paul cutom/lite

Les Paul standard, Les Paul studio standard, Les Paul studio, Les Paul junior, Les Paul junior double cu-a-way

SG elite, SG '62 re-issue, SG custom, SG standard, SG 400, SG special

U-2, US-1, Melody maker, Explorer, Flying V, EDS-1275

ES-335 DOT, ES-335 studio, ES175D, Super V CES, L4 CES, Super 400 CES, Byrdland, L5 CES

Artist models. B.B.King custom, Johnny Smith-Single, Howard Robert-Fusion, Chet Atkins CE, SST, Country Gentleman, CGP

Acoustic guitars Dove, Hummingbird, J-200, J-2000, J-180, J-45, J-30, Banjo Earl Scruggs, RB-250, Flat mandolin F5-L

Bass guitars Gibson IV, Gibson V, Thunderbird, Explorer bass, Q-80 bass

Parts, accessories

Epiphone Casino, Riviera, Sheraton, Emperor, NVJ

Yamano Music Co., Ltd.

Price list in Jan. 1987

1987 price list

Price list in Mar. 1988

1988 price list

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