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Gibson 1992

Gibson Guitar Catalog 1992

Catalog in 1992


About Gibson guitars

Les Paul Re-issue HDSB, Les Paul Re-issue Gold-top, Les Paul Classic, Les Paul Standard

Les Paul custom, Les Paul custom Black Beauty, Les Paul custom Plus, Les Paul Special, Les Paul junior

SG 61 Re-issue, SG standard, SG special, SG custom, EDS-1275

Melody Maker, Flying V Re-issue, Explorer Re-issue, Firebird, Thunderbird IV

About Gibson guitars

ES-335 Re-issue, ES-335 Studio, ES-295, ES-775, ES-175D

L-5 CES, L4-CES, Byrdland, Super 400 CES, Super V CES

Chet Atkins CE, SST, SST 12strings, SST solid top, Country Gentleman, Tenessean

B.B king Lucille, Howard Roberts Fusion, ES-165 HE Herb Ellis model

Yamano music

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