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Gibson 1998

Gibson Guitar Catalog 1998

Catalog in 1998

Les Paul Special SL, The Paul SL, Les Paul Studio 98, Les Paul Double Cutaway Studio, Les Paul Standard 98, Les Paul Standard Double Cutaway

Les Paul Classic, Les Paul Custom, Joe Perry Les Paul, Ace Frehley Les Paul, Chet Atkins SST, Chet Atkins CE, Chet Atkins Tennessean, Chet Atkins Country Gentleman

SG Special, SG Standard, Les PaulSG '61Reissue, ES-135, ES-165 Herb Ellis, Howard Roberts Fusion III, B.B.King Lucille, ES-335 Reissue, ES-175Reissue

Explorer '76, Flying V '67, Firebird V, EDS-1275, Landmark, Nighthawk Standard, Nighthawk Custom, Nighthawk Special, Blueshawk

Thunderbird IV, Les Paul Special bass, Les Paul Deluxe bass, Les Paul Standard bass, Dreadnaught series acoustic guitars CL-20 Standard Plus, CL-30 Deluxe, CL-40 Artist, CL-50 Supreme, J-60 Traditional

Electric acoustic gutars EC-10 Standard, EC-10 Emerald Forest, EC-20 Starburst, EC-30 blues King Electro, Histric acoustic line '50s Super Jumbo 200, '60s Dove, Early '60s Hummingbird, J-180, Early J-45

Hank Williams Jr. Model, 1963 J-45, J-50, 1958 J-200 1964 J-160E, 1968 J-180 Everly Reissue, LTD. L-00

Yamano Music, Dec. 1 1998

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