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Greco/Aria 1972

Greco/Aria Guitar Catalog 1972

This is a 1972 catalog. It is only labeled as Greco on the cover, but there is also a page for Aria products in the second half.

Les Paul recording model PE-480, Les Paul models EG420B, EG420Y. It looks like a detachable neck from the picture.

Les Paul models EG360B, EG360S, SG model SG350T, SG300. The model on this page also appears to have a detachable neck.

The upper models seem to be set necks. Les Paul model EG800 Custom, SG model SG600 Custom, SG bass models EB270, EB350

Violin bass model VB300, Jazz bass model JB480, Telecaster models TE400, TE280. The fender models have a truss rod cover, which is uncomfortable.

Stratocaster models SE430B, SE430, ES175D models N50, S50, Greco original semi hollow guitar SA450 Custom

This page shows the Aria models. Les Paul model DC400, Mosrite model guitar 1702T, bass 1720, ES335, EB-2 model EB375, Precision bass model PB35

Introduction to custom-made guitars

The manufacturer is Fujigen, the distributor in the eastern region of Japan is Kanda Shokai, and the western region is Arai Trading.

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