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Greco/Canda 1973

Greco/Canda Guitar Catalog 1973

This is the 1973 catalog. The second half of the catalog includes Canda brand acoustic guitars.

Les Paul type guitars EG-360, EG-420, EG-500, EG-550, EG-800 Only the EG-800 is listed as having a set neck, so it is assumed that the others have detachable necks.

Les Paul professional type PE-520, Les Paul recording type RD-600, hollow or semi-hollow body guitas SA-500, SA-450, S-50, N-55

SG type guitars SG-600, SG-350T, SG-300, Stratocaster type SE-430, SE-500, Telecaster type TE-280, TE-400, Flying V type FV-500, FV-900, Firebird type FB-900

Flying V bass type FVB-900, FVB-500, Jazz bass type JB-550, JB-500, JB-450, JB-450, 4000 series type bass RB-1000, Precision bass type PB-380, EB-2 type bass EB-300, EB-350, Violin bass VB-300

Following the explanation of custom-made guitars, Canda brand acoustic guitars NO.1201, NO.606, NO.404E

Acoustic guitarsJ-200 type 404, J-45 type 101, Hummingbird type 202, Dove type 303DX, Greco-branded G-40, G-60

Greco-branded acoustic guitars F-140, F-120, F-180, F-100, F-300, F250, F-200, F-350, F-400, F-500

Price list of electric guitar parts. Manufacturer: Fujigen, Eastern region sales: Kanda Shokai, Western region sales: Arai Boeki. The lower left hand corner of the page is marked May 1973 in small letters.

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