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Greco Vol.2 1974

Greco Guitar Catalog Vol.2 (1974)

This is a Vol. 2 catalog issued in November 1974.

SG model guitars SG-400T, SG-600, SG-360, Semi hollow body guitars SA-700R, SA-550W, SA-500, Les Paul model guitars EG-650N, EG-800S, EG-650S, EG-650B, EG-550BL, EG-550GS, EG-480R, EG-480B, EG-380B, EG-380S

Flying V bass model FVB-600, Violin bass models VB-450, VB-700, VB-360, SG bass model EB-420, Telecaste model guitars TE-600, TC-500, TD-500, TE-350, TE-500, Stratocaster model guitars SE-500S, SE-600N, Firebird model guitar FB-980, Flying V model guitar FV-600, ES-175 model guitars S-55, N-60

Precision bass models PB-550S, PB-750DX, PB-420S, Jazz bass models JB-600N, JB-500S, JB-550, JB-450S, Rickenbacker 4000 series models RB-1000S, RB-650N, RB-800, Phase shifter PT-900, Fuzz SD-100, Bluber wah pedal. The effects products are believed to be OEM from MAXON.

The Greco ME-700 and RW-700 are original Greco models; the RW-700 is described as a Ron Wood special order. The eastern region distributor is Kanda Shokai, the central region distributor is Arai Boeki, the western region distributor is Kanda Shokai Osaka, and the manufacturer is listed as Fuji Gengakki.

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