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Greco Vol.7 1977

Greco Guitar Catalog Vol.7 (1977)

1977, Vol. 7 Catalog.

Table of Contents and Project Series Description.

Greco original model MR series guitar MR1000, MR800, Les Paul Custom model EG1000

Les Paul models EG900, EG800GS, EG800J, EG700

Les Paul custom model EG600R, Jeff Beck model EG600J, Les Paul deluxe model EG600GS, Peter Frampton model EG600P, Les Paul standard models EG480, EG380. All Les Paul models, even the lower-priced models, now have set necks, just like the originals.

SG model guitars SG600, SG400T with detachable neck, Rickenbacker 320 model RG750B, 480 model RG550, 330 model RG800B, Stratocaster model SE800

Stratocaster models SE600, SE500, Telecaster models TE500N, TD500, TC500

Telecaster model TL500, L-5CES models L200, L100 and Greco original pickups

Johnny Sumith JSD model hollow-body guitar J115, ES-175 model S55, N60, Byrdland model BR110, ES-335 models SA700, SA550, small body SA500

Precision bass model with PJ type pickup layout PB750, Jazz bass model JB600, JB500, JB450

Precision bass models PB420, PB580 and explanation of minor change orders.

Rickenbacker 4000 series model RB700, Violin bass models VB360, VB450, SG bass models EB420, EB720, Flying V models FV900, FV600, Modern model MD900, Explorer model EX800, Thunderbird model SB850, Flying V bass model FVB600. The MD900 and SB850 are no longer listed in the next catalog (Vol. 8), but in the end, the headstock design remained very different from the original until the very end.

This is a description of the MR model, a pioneering authentic Greco original model. It is clear that considerable effort was put into this model.

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