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Greco 1982

Greco Guitar Catalog Mint Collection 1982

1982 issue "The Mint Collection" catalog

Copy models of Gibson, named "Mint Collection" series.

Les Paul model

Les Paul standard models EG59-50, EG59-85, EG60-150, EG58-120, EG60-180, EG59-45, EG59-70
front EG56-60, EG57-50

EG59-100, EG52-G(sample), EG54-G(sample)

Les Paul custom models EGC68-50, EGC57-60, EGC68-80, EGC58-100, Les Paul Junior model EJR54-50, EJR59-50D

SG models SS63-50, SS63-70, ES335 model SA63-60, SA59-120, Flying V model FV64-80, ES175 model FA67-70, Thumderbird model TB64-80

Description of EG series

Description of EG series

Description of EGC series

Description of EJR, FV, SA, SS series.

Materials and Factory machines

Materials and Factory machines



15 May 1982, Manufactured by Fujigen

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