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Greco 1988

Greco Guitar Catalog 1988

This is the 1988 catalog. There are many pages with artist photos, but were omitted.

Spitfire series guitars SPF-40, SPF-40HR, SPF-55, SPF-70

Bombard series guitars BOM-95, BOM-60, BOM-65, BOM-65G

TR series guitars TRS-120, TRH-120, TRS-60, TRH-60


GPS-60, GPH-60 with EMG designed pickups

JJ-115, JJ-75, JSH-75, JJ-60, JSH-60

JJ-R1, JJ-F1, AMB-42

Bass guitars JJB-1, PJB-1, JJB-M1, PJB-M1

Bass guitars JJB-L65, JJB-M60


F series bass guitars F-120J, F-110P, F-100P, F-100J





Mint collection series Les Paul models EGC68-60, EGC57-70, EG59-60, EG56-70, EG59-70

SG models SJR63-60, SS63-60S, SS63-60, SS63-75, EDS-1275 model JPW-160

Les Paul junior modelsEJR59-60D, EJR54-60, EGS56-65, Melody maker model MM60

ES-175 model FA67-75, ES-335 model SA64-70

Artist models JS60, RR60, PC108, RR70, FV110, MSV70, FV65

EB-3 model EB65, Thunderbird model TB70, Rickenbacker model guitars and basses PMB85, RB85, RJ85, JLG80

Violin basses VB165, VB65. VB165 is made by the original Hofner.

Hohner SEB-2A, SEG-3T, B-2, SEG-2T, B-2V

Spector NS-6, NS-2, NS-2A, Status Series II, Series 2000

Laney guitar amps

Gallien-Krueger guitar amps

Trace Elliot bass amps

Rivera guitar amps

Ampeg bass amps

Oct. 1987

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