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Greco 1990

Greco Guitar Catalog 1990

1990 Catalog

At that time, Japan was in the midst of a rock band boom, and this catalog includes many photos of groups that were active at the time.

Boogie reissue model BG-600

Ampeg's Dan Armstrong Lucite Guitar model AP-850, APW-500

Spitfire series guitars SPF-40, SPF-40HR, SPF-55, SPF-70, Bombard series BOM-65G, BOM-65, BOM-60

TR series guitars TRS-120, TRH-120, TRS-60, TRH-60

JJ/JSH series guitars JJ-60, JJ-75, JSH-60, JSH-75

KS-65, KS-85, Y-60, GPH-60, GPS-60, NYS-65


PXB series bass PXB-100, PXB-80

6-string bass M-6170, 8-string bass M-8110, AMB-42, BOB-65

JJB series bass JJB-650, JJB-600

JJB-L55, JJB-M55, PJB-L55, PJB-M55


Les Paul custom models EGC-900D, EGC-700, EGC-600, EGC-480

Les Paul models EG-1000D, EG-700, EG-600, EG-550, EGH-700

SG model guitars SS-900D, SS-750, SS-600, SS-600S, SJR-600, SS-600P2, SSW-1600

Les Paul Junior models EJR-600D, EJR-600, Les Paul Special model EGS-650, Melody Maker models MM-600, MM-650

Flying V model FV-650, Firebird model guitars FB-600, FB-700, Dan Electro 59-DC model DE-700

ES-175 model FA-750, ES-335 model SA-700, RS-900, RS-1000 DS-800

L-5S model LSG-1200, Les Paul Custom models EGW-800, EGW-700, RR-700, RR-600, JS-600

Rickenbacker 320 model JLG-800, 320 model with Bigsby type tremolo JLG-850, 330 model RG-850, 330/12 model RG-950, D-800P, J-160E model J-600E, LAG-1000

Electric acoustic gutiars GE-1000, GE-800, GD-1000, GD-800

Thunderbird model bass TB-700, TB-750, TBR-700, TBR-750, Rickenbacker 4001 models RB-850, PMB-850

Flying V bass FVB-750, Les Paul bass EGB-850, SG bass EB-650, EB-0 shape bass TVB-650, TVB-45

Electric acoustic bass GEB-1000, GEB-1100, EB-2 model SAB-1000, Violin bass VB-650, VB-165

Lef handed guitars and basses EG-720/L, EGC-720/L, SS-720/L, PMB-1020/L, EB-780/L, VB-780/L, AMB-504/L




Spector guitars and basses NS-6, NS-2, NS-2 OIL, NS-2A, NS-5, NS-CUSTOM

Musicman Stingray 5, Stingray, Sabre, Silhouette

Washburn KC-20, KC-40, KC-70, KC-90, KC-100, B-2, B-10, B-20, B-105

Washburn EA-4012, EA-40, Atlansia Garland Deluxe, Concord Cutom, Victria Special

Atlansia Victoria Special 6St., Stealth Deluxe, Stealth Special, Stealth DX 6St., Jupiter, Stroke-2P

Hohner SEB-2A, B-2, B-2V, SEG-3T, SEG-2T, TE Prinz, ST-Victory, ST-Metals, JJ-Bass, TWP-Classic





Earth III guitar strap


Jan. 1990

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