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Grover Jackson 1991

Grover Jackson Guitar Catalog 1991

Charvel and Grover Jackson guitars catalog in 1991

Charvel Dinky student guitars DK-070-HSH, DK-065-HH, DK-065-SSH, DK-060-SH, DK-055-SSH

Charvel Dinky custom guitars DK-090-SSH, DK-090-HH, DK-085-SH

Charvel Dinky arched top guitars DKA-110-HH, DKA-115-HSH

Charvel ARK AR-110-SSS, AR-090-SSH, AR-070-SSH

Charvel Super Dinky guitars SDK-115-SSH, SDK-105-SH, SDK-075-SSH, SDK-070-SH

Charvel Super Dinky guitars SDK-085-HH, SDK-080-SH

Charvel Soloist guitars SL-140-HH, SL-145-SSH

Charvel Soloist Arched-Top guitar SLA-160-HH

Charvel Telly TE-090-SH, TE-070-SS, Soloist bass SLB-125, Dinky bass DKB-075

Charvel guitars and basses specifications and color chart

Jackson guitars

Soloist, Soloist Jr.

Soloist Arched-Top

Randy Rhoads standard, Randy Rhoads custom guitar

King V guitar

Firebird guitar

Pickups and accessories

Dean Markley strings


Apr. 1991

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