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Guyatone 1974

Guyatone Catalog 1974

1974 issue guitar and amp catalog

Many variations of guitars and basses LG-127T, LG-20, LG-23, LG-29, EB-25, VB-28, LG-350T, LG-350TDX, EB-9, SG-42, LG-480, LG-480custom, LG-650, LG-750, LG-360, EB-6

Guitar and bass amps GA-360, GA-460, GA-560, GA-660, GA-1050, GA-1100, GA-1100B, GA-1030, GA-1050, GA-1100, GA-2100, GA-2200, GA-2080B

Vocal amp system, Tape echo EM-66, EM-77, microphones, wah pedal FS-4, wah-fuzz pedal FS-5, sustainer FS-6, the other accessories

Steel guitars, speakers. '74.5

Annex price list

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