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Guyatone 1976

Guyatone Catalog 1976

1976 issue catalog.

LG-880, LG-780, LG-350T Custom, EB-900, EB-9 Custom, pedal steel guitar(coming soon)

Stratocaster model LS-490, LS-380, Les Paul model LP-580, LP-400, ES-175D model SG-58, ES-335 model SG-52, L-6S model L-550, LG-23, Rickenbacker 4000 series model ER-60, Jazz bass model EJ-50, Precision bass model EP-40, EP-30, EB-25, and steel guitars.

Phase shifter PS-101, Distortion PS-102, Compressor PS-103, Wah + volume pedal PF-201, Large size phase shifter FS-7, and accessories. The indication 51.9.14 is supposed to indicate September 14, 1976.

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