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Guyatone 1977

Guyatone Catalog 1977

1977 issue catalog.

LG-880 Marrolly , developed in collaboration with Rory Gallagher, LG-350T Custom Sharp Five model, EB-9 Custom bass, EB-900 Character bass

Stratocaster models LS-600, LS-450, LS-380, LS-320, Les Paul model LP-400, ES-335 model SG-52, ES-175D model SG-58

Precision bass models EP-40, EP-30, EP-20, Steel guitars HG-508P, HG-306D, HG-308D, HG-188D

Effects BOX series, phaser Rolly Box PS-101, distortion Zoom Box PS-102, compressor Driving Box PS-103, Envelope filter Cross Over Box PS-104, graphic EQ Equalizer Box PS-105, octaver Dual Box PS-106, Wah + volume Cry Max PF-201, and accesories. 52.8.10 means Aug. 10 1977. The 52 is written in the Japanese original year, which is 1977.

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