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Guyatone 1982

Guyatone Catalog 1982

1982 Spring Issue catalog

Guyatone had started in 1934 as Tokyo-sound and had quit in 2013.

Tube Guitar Amp FLIP series GA-5000, GS-5000, Tube + Transistor stereo amp GA-4040, GA-2000MkII, GA-1000MkII

Zip series guitar amps GA-655, GA-555, GA-455, GA-355, Bass amp GXbass, Guitar amp GX2, GX1, Acoustic guitar amp GA-9A, Keyboard amp GA-9K, GA-7, Keyboard mixer amp KB-20

Bass amps BA-200, BS-120, GA-60B, GA-50B, GA-30B

PS-001(Distortion), PS-002(Chorus), PS-003(Compressor), PS-004(Flanger), PS-005(Overdrive), PS-006(Analog Delay), PS-007(Phase Shifter), PS-008(Parametric Equalizer), PS-009(Octaver), ES-5AC(Effector system board), TD-1(Tube Distortion), AC-102(Power supply)

Analog Delay AE-7, AE-5, Tape echo EM-808D, Acoustic guitar pickup GP-1, preamp A-1, pickup GP-75A, GP-5A, GP-24, GP-33, GP-35

Glory series LG-1000 Deluxe, LG-1000 Standard, Marroly LG-880, EB-9 custom, Lap Steel Guitar HG-306D, HG-308D, HG-188D

Keyboard amp KB120, 15 Mar. 1982

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