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Ibanez 1987

Ibanez Guitar Catalog 1987

Catalog in 1987.

Contents and PL650 guitar.

PL series guitars PL990, PL2551, PL1770

PL series guitars PL7521, PL7520, PL5511, PL5510

PL series basses PL5050, PL4040, RG series guitars RG6520, RG1200, RG531

Various types of guitars RG652, DG555, DG351, RG441

allan holdsworth model guitars AH10, and AH20, RG series RG140, RG1003

RB series basses RB851, RB760, RB824, RB830


Headless bass AXB1000, RB series RB999, RB861, RB885

MC series basses MC2924, MC2940

AR series guitars AR4000, AR305, AR300

Semi hollow guitars AM205, AS200, AS80

George Benson model guitars GB10, GB30, Joe Pass model JP20

Explanations for each part of the guitar, etc.


Dec. 1986 issue

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