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Ibanez 1989

Ibanez Guitar Catalog 1989

1989, 1st. Issue catalog.

Steve Vai model JEM77, JEM777, JEM7


RG series guitars RG750, RG760, RG550, RG560

RG series RG540, RG535, RG570, RG350, RG360

RG6 serieg RG462, RG665, RG670, RG678, RG685, PRO540 series 540S, 540R, 540P, 540P30

SR1 series bass guitars SR1000E, SR1100E, SR05, SR942, SR942, SR924QM

SR series bass gutiars SR800LE, SR900LE, SR600

RB series bass guitars RB851D, RB835, RB830, RB70, RB60, ID series guitars ID75, ID80, ID90, ID120

Very unique semi hollow guitar AE200, semi solid body guitar AM400, semi hollow guitar AC100, semi hollow bass guitars AB100, AB200

George Benson model guitars GB10, GB30, Joe Pass model JP20, semi hollow guitars AS200, AM200, full hollow AF200


It is labeled as 8840, so it must be a catalog prepared at the end of 1988.

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