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Tokai 1982

Tokai Electric Guitars Catalog 1982

Volume 6, December 1982 issue catalog. It is designed to resemble the cover of a guitar magazine and contains advertisements for Sony, Honda and other companies. It has a magazine-like effect.

Contents index

Les Paul vintage model guitars LS200V, LS150V, LS120V, LS100V

Les Paul standard model guitars LS100S, LS80, LS70, LS75, LS60, LS50, Les Paul custom model guitars LC110, LC100, LC60

The ES335 models are available in two different pickups, the Rock model and the Jazz model. ES200, ES150J, ES100J, ES150R, ES100R.

Artists (overseas)

Artists (domestic)

Various models are presented in a magazine style.

The Honda city was a very popular automobile in the early 1980s.

Advertisements for each company. The style of a magazine for young people in Japan at that time is well reproduced.

Factory photos, etc.

Features of the LS, LC and ES series.

Hints on sound making by guitarist Ginji Ito.

Features of the ST, TE, SS series.

Features of the PB, JB series and specifications for ST, TE, SS series.

Limited edition limited products and a bespoke system. It also includes an explanation of the serial numbers.

Specifications for LS, LC, ES, PB and JB series.

Stratocaster model guitars ST100, ST120, ST80, ST70, ST60, ST50, ST65

Silver Star series Stratocaster model guitars SS80, SS60, SS50, SS48, SS40, SS38

Telecaster model guitars TE70, TE55, TE50, TE80, TE120, TE200

Precision bass models PB80, PB70, PB65, PB50, PB48, PB40

Jazz bass models JB80, JB120, JB85, JB65, JB50, JB45

Guitar amps TA35-OC, TA65-HV and accessories

Martin and Cat's eyes guitars.

As of December 1, 1982

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