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Tokai 1985

Tokai guitar catalog 1985

1985 catalog. F65 looks very similar to Random star.

V65 and X65 guitars.

F55, V55, X55 guitars with AYER'S ROCKER I tremolo, F65, V65, X65 with AYER'S ROCKER II tremolo

Description of F/V/X series.

Stratocaster shape guitars SD40, SD40S, TST36H, TST36HS

Medium scale bass MBX45, MBX50G, MBX70, Long scale bass LBX50, LBX60, LBX80, TALBO AX-80S, AX-80D

FSD-65S, TFV-70S, SVS-65, SD-65, SD-65S with "Shift 2001" tremolo

Variations of copy models.

About AYER'S ROCKER tremolo. 1 Dec. 1984.

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