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Westminster 1976

Westminster electric guitars catalog 1976

This is the 1976 Westminster catalog. Many relatively low-priced models are in the line up.

Les Paul models EG280S, EG280B, EG360T, Stratocaster models SE330W, SE330S, SE330B, Precision bass models PB380N, PB380S, PB530N, Jazz bass models JB280S, JB00N, JB400B

Les Paul models EG400R, EG400B, SG models SG260, SG330, L6-S models L390N, L390S, Les Paul junior model TV250Y, ES335 model SA280R, Stratocaster models SE420N, SE420S, SE550N, Telecaster models TE250I, TE300BL, TE300S, TE300I, TE400N

Rickenbacker 4001 models RB500S, RB600N, Ripper models RP460N, RP460S. Manufactured by Matsumoku, Destributed by Kanda Shokai.

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