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Yamaha 1982

Yamaha electric guitars catalog 1982

1982 edition catalog.

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SG series guitars SG-2000, SG-1500, SG-1000, SG800S

SF series guitars SF-7000, SF-5000, SF-3000

SC series guitars SC-7000, SC-5000, SC-3000, SJ series guitars SJ-800, SJ-500

SA series guitars SA-2000S, SA-1200S, SA-1000, SA-700

AE series guitars AE-2000, AE-1200, BB series bass BB-2000

BB series basses BB-1200, BB-VII, BB-VI, Short scale BB-2000s, BB-VIS

SB series basses SB-1200S, SB-800S, SB-500S

Les paul model SL-550S, SL-450S, Stratocaster models SR-550S, SR-450S, Precision bass model PB-450


Dec. 1981

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